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  CAMF 2015 will take place without tickets to the show. First entrance to festival area - 50 UAH (≈€3). Each of the following - 150 UAH (≈€9). Coupon for an unlimited number of entrance's to festival area - 300 UAH (€20). The obligatory registration for the festival through web-sites:,, and "Core" shop. Security deposit for registration - 200 UAH for the citizens of Ukraine, €15 for citizens of all other countries. Security deposit will be returned to the visitor at the entrance to the festival. WARNING! THE NUMBER OF CAMF 2015 VISITORS IS LIMITED TO 3500 PERSONS ONLY! Persons without registration will not be admitted to the festival.   


  Registrations for festival CAMF 2015 are SOLD OUT, except 100 registrations for the citizens of the European Union only, which we have reserved to promote festival in Europe.

 For citizens of EU (except 100 registrations) 

001 or 003


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