Skole, Tysovets   Сколе, спорт.база Тисовець

28-30 July 2017


These rules can be extended and amended! Check the updates!

Every attendant must keep the ticket until the festival is finished. At entry check point you must receive the entrance bracelet. Without the bracelet entrance is prohibited! After receiving the bracelet you can move around the festival area. You can leave and enter the location only with the bracelet. It cannot be take off during all festival days. Once the bracelet is taken off you cannot enter the festival. Persons identified having no bracelet will be immediately exiled and banned from festival area even with the ticket. Persons identified with inactive bracelet will be immediately exiled.

Receiving the bracelet the visitor agrees to the established festival rules.

Ticket forging is unacceptable and strictly prohibited. Organizers do not bear responsibility for forged tickets. Persons under age of 18 can attend the festival only accompanied by adults.

We do not recommend categorically drinking alcoholic beverages near the festival area. Surroundings of the festival will be patrolled day-and-night by special police units. Any drinks, liquids (except medicine), plastic and glass bottles, cans, weapons, gas sprays, knives, scissors and other items that can cause harm and can be classified as dangerous – are strictly prohibited. Bringing food both to camp site and festival area is prohibited.

Organizers have the right of personal physical inspection.

Bringing, preparing and consuming drugs is strictly prohibited.

Flame, fire, fireworks are prohibited at the festival area.

Bringing recording devices, voice recorders, video cameras to the festival area is strictly prohibited. Breaking this rule can lead to immediate banning from the festival. Conducting photographic fixation is only allowed with amateur devices (flat lens cameras of small size). Mirror cameras, cameras with detachable optics, pseudo-mirror cameras, as well as any other similar professional photo devices are prohibited.

At the festival area any unlicensed or unauthorized by festival administration trading is prohibited.

In case of loss of personal belongings please approach the festival staff for stage announcement, we are always willing to help. In case of finding someone’s belongings approach the staff to transfer it to the administration. You can be assured to find your lost items.

The unit of medical care and emergency rescue crew will be standing by permanently at the festival area. You can approach the units if you experience health or safety issues. All attendants are obliged to treat the administration, security, staff and each other with respect.

It is prohibited to litter at the festival area and the surrounding territory. Please, leave trash in specially marked places. Preserve the nature of Ukraine!

Despite the camp site being secured, the organizers are not responsible for property damage or visitors’ health damage.

Organizers have the right to apply the following sanctions to offenders: Warning, Banning from the festival area without reimbursement, Transferring the offender to law enforcement agencies.

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