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28-30 July 2017

Accreditation rules for CAMF 2017

Dear journalists!
Accreditation for the event is given to the representative of the publication or web resource in the form of a badge or bracelet, an established sample for this category of customers, which allows its owner to stay only in the zone established by the event organizer.

A request from print publications with a total circulation of at least 5,000 copies is considered.

It is provided only if there is a separately published announcement (notes in the news headings are not considered).

Attention! The size of the announcement must be at least 1/4 of the edition’s length.
We consider requests from Internet resources, whose daily attendance is at least 500 unique visitors. Calculations of attendance occur according to counters

Announcement of the event should be placed on the main page of the site in the form of an information block with a poster, the date and venue of the event, additional information and links to the organizer’s web resources. The placement period is not less than 30 calendar days.

Accreditation is granted only if the organizer receives a scan copy of the announcement (for a printed publication) or links for websites. Address to be sent:

The request must be made on the official form of the publication / resource with the complete set of information required on the agency’s letterhead.
Attention! Invalid or incomplete forms will not be accepted.
In order to receive an exclusive interview from the Artist (including photo and video shooting), a separate written request must be submitted with a presentation of the volume and place of use of the material. The decision to grant an interview is accepted by the artist not earlier than one week before the date of the performance.

To organize an interview, the publication or web resource is obligated to maximally promote the announcement of the event in the media space (the proposals will be gladly considered).
Accreditation for the event of photo correspondents and film crews.
A photo correspondent and a video operator receive a special badge (badge, bracelet) together with accreditation, which enables to use their own photo and video equipment to fulfill their obligations in the designated area for the Organizer and the security service at the concert site.

To start work on the site, accredited journalists must keep specials. Pass only in the designated place. If this condition is not met, the Organizer is not responsible for the relevant actions of the Security Service of the event, which will act in accordance with the requirements for photo and video shooting at this event.

The time (period) of work and the location for accredited journalists is established by the Artist together with the Organizer, which is reported before the beginning of the event.

In case of violation by the journalist of the rules of photo and video shooting at the event, the Organizer reserves the right to withdraw the photo and video media from the journalist in full without the right of return for transfer to the Artist.

When granting the right to take photo and video, the Organizer reserves the right to use the footage for their own needs (indicating the artist’s data, the logo of the publication and links to the resource). In case of refusal to provide the footage with the publication, the Organizer reserves the right to take appropriate measures regarding the latter.

Please, pay attention to changes and additions regarding the rules for granting accreditation for various events from our agency. Thank you for your cooperation!

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